MEDIPLANT, an independent research and competence institute, was founded in 1988 by three partners : the Dalle Molle Foundation, the Canton of Wallis and the Swiss Confederation. Research and development projects are funded by public or private sourcing with confidential agreements.

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MEDIPLANT is a research and competence centre dedicated to the valorisation of aromatic, medicinal and cosmetic plants from their cultivation to the development of extracts. We offer an à la carte service from domestication and cultivation to the development and production of extracts. We provide services to start-ups, SMEs and multinationals in Switzerland and abroad.

Rapport d'activité 2019


Since 2020, all agronomic services have been provided by Agroscope, which benefits from an efficient infrastructure for carrying out this work:

  • Areas for our trials in the plains and mountains
  • Greenhouses
  • An experimental dryer
  • A laboratory for in vitro propagation
  • A documentation service


Since 2015, Mediplant manages the extraction and analysis platform of PhytoArk, supported by the State of Valais. MEDIPLANT thus has a competitive equipment for the development and production of extracts:

  • Colorimetry, fluorimetry
  • ASE, Soxhlet, maceration, hydrodistillation
  • Pilot and pre-industrial production (5 to 300 kg/batch)
  • Filtration, concentration, freeze-drying
  • Milling
  • Packaging



Ethical charter

In 2008, Médiplant adopted an ethical charter that places people and their environment at the heart of its concerns.

From the seed to the raw material, our employees are at your disposal to meet your challenges and help you realise your projects.